work instructions

Ready-made, sustainability promoting, and easy-to-implement platform for adding digital content to off-line products.

Onboarding new employees, customers or suppliers is piece of work. There is pile of documents to go through. Every time something changes, new manuals are needed. Lot of hassle and cost.

itemada work instructions platform is there for you to help.

A simple and discrete QR code prompts you all the necessary data, contacts and files for that specific product or process to your phone’s screen. You can open the relevant manuals, charts, videos, send e-mail or call for service.  Regardless of what has been changed on its website, the QR code works and provides data forever. Hassle free!

Itemada work instructions is there for you to help, hassle free!


  • Product group specific data sets
    – Create unlimited amount of different data sets for different product groups
    – Configure data to be private or public (visible to anyone scanning the QR code)
  • Independent and maintained databases for products’ data
    – Servers are hosted in secure environments, maintained and backed up following highest security and service standards
  • Manual and automatic data input modes
    – The user can add and edit data manually in Admin-environment
    – The service can be integrated with any other data system (ERP, CRM, etc) via API
  • QR-code generator
    – For every product entry a QR code is generated. The user can print it, save as URL, vector of picture
    – An empty QR codes can be generated for printing the labels in bigger batches and in customised design
  • Linking of product data and empty QR code
    – If a pre-printed unique QR codes are in use, then you can enter the product data to the database at any suitable time before the product is manufactured and labelled with an empty QR code. Along with the labelling process the empty QR code can be easily linked to relevant product data
  • Contacts and roles
    – You can define multiple contacts, users and admins to a product or process.
    – Company with a role can be defined private or public (visible to anyone scanning the QR code)
Use the QR code to add digital content to off-line products or processes

How does it work?

1Enter data to itemada

  • Manually in Admin-environment
  • Automatically via API

2Apply the QR code to the product

  • Direct print
  • Pre-printed labels

3Scan the code

  • User scans the code and has all the needed information and directions on the screen

Request a demo for Itemada ProductPass

The demo will be made in Teams. Please propose few time slots that are convenient for you.