Users want that data and services of your products are available right at that moment and place where needed,
and it should not be searched for.

Itemada provides companies with environment and tools for such purposes.

Scan the QR

Imagine when a customer is having a question regarding your product and what would it do with their satisfaction if they could find the answer or solution without taking contact with you – simply by scanning the QR code on that product.

Save time and resources

Think how much time and resources it would save for you and for the customer. Just feed your products’ data (numbers, texts, dates, descriptions, contacts, files etc.) and services (guides, wizards, troubleshooters, communication, webshop etc.) to Itemada along with production process and equip the product with product specific QR code. And if the customer is still in need for extra services or spare parts, through QR code the request will be channelled to you.

Customer can find an answer simply by scanning the QR code

No time restrictions

The QR code along with the data and services set up behind it are there forever, unless you choose to modify these. Though, the data nor the services should be there right from the beginning – you can add data and services at any suitable time in the future as well.

Don’t lose contact with your customers!

Set the system up and start building a base for future revenue generating services.

Moreover, tracking the data usage in the field, itemada can give product and service developers valuable information on end users questions and issues with the product. This can help to develop and design products and services that fulfil customer expectations even better.

The QR code along with the data and services set up behind it are there forever

The platform consists of

1. Tools for:

  • creating product specific data sets
  • creating product specific interactive guides, wizards, and troubleshooters
  • generating QR codes
  • data input – manual input, file import, feed via API

2. Maintained data storages

Create, manage and store Your data and share it with customers

What will itemada bring along?

Better user experience
  • Give answers at right time and right place
  • No more contact searching, calling, describing, typing, and waiting
  • Easy and direct feedback to develop products that customers really want:
    – Have feedback forms always available
    – Get understanding where users have troubles with your product by troubleshooter overviews
Higher aftersales profits
  • Increase revenues by proposing applicable spareparts and services when issues arise
  • Decrease costs by saving time on problem clarification
  • Decrease costs by letting users solve frequently appearing issues by themselves
Easy implementation and no need for maintenance
  • Easy and flexible every day use – manual input, data import or automatic flow via API
  • Everlasting documents and links – no need to worry about updates and compatibility issues
  • Freely add and modify content and services
  • The databases and servers are backed up and serviced continuously
  • The databases, services, and servers are protected with most up-to-date security features
Gateway for extra services

As the itemada QR code is functional forever, you can add services to any delivered product – no need to change the QR code. In addition, you can also modify existing services. The options are limited with your imagination.

The benefits

For manufacturer and producer

  • Additional value
    Having itemada-powered digital services attached to the products, the manufacturer provides value-adding product feature for its customers (distributors, retailers and end users)
  • Statistics
    End user interaction with the products create valuable data on delivery chain performance and product performance. Based on collected data, manufacturer has better grounds on adjusting the delivery chain structure and developing the products

For a seller and retailer

  • Higher revenues
    Having product data and related services available on the product, the user is naturally guided to buy after sale services and spare parts from the initial seller
  • Lower costs
    By using interactive troubleshooters, guides and wizards, the users are assisted to solve the frequently appearing issues by themselves. Thus, saving time of the customer care personnel

For end user

  • Convenience
    It is very convenient to solve the issues with a product without contact searching, calling, describing, typing, and waiting. Moreover, it is great to get things solved instantly and on your own