itemada Game Instructions

Tabletop game instructions can be much more than a paper with a lot of text. Help to make decision making easy and playing much more fun by making game rulebooks interactive.

Game instructions are not boring and hard to read texts in small fonts anymore, because with itemada cloud-based platform you can create interactive knowledge base including videos, graphs and pictures.

You can upload creative and pedagogical materials. Use it as a marketing channel to promote your new products and a communication channel to get valuable feedback. Moreover, platform could be easily integrated with your ERP, web shop and other sales channels.

Instructions and/or support portal for every game and toy.

A simple and discrete QR code can end up in better customer experience and more valuable products.

Did you know that 1/4 of game players don’t buy the product, because there is not enough information available on the package of the game? Make all the information about the game available already on the game box and help them to prefer your product!

Interactive game instructions
The data and services behind that QR code are there forever. It works and supports the users independently!


  • Freely configurable main menu
    – Add a story, game rules, related products, feedback collecting area or reuse and recycle guidance – sky is the limit!
  • Multi-language support
    – Don’t loose a customer because the game instructions are not in their preferred language
    – Translating made easy and in as many languages as need
  • Change layout and colours
    – Make everything behind the QR code look in a way that matches your brand the best
  • Make ordering related products easy
    – Game extensions, missing parts, newly released and similar games marketing and ordering made easy
  • Show your company values
    – Sustainability is more and more important – guide your customers through reuse and recycle decisions
  • Communication made easy
    – Easy for players to give feedback or rate the game
    – Direct communication channel between player and game producer/distributor
Digital game instruction
Create digital and interactive game instructions for better customer experience and create self-selling products

How does it work?

1Contact us to get started

  • First digital game rulebook made for free
  • Send all the necessary material
  • We make everything ready for you
  • All other rulebooks made digital on quotation based

2Apply the QR code to the product

  • Add it on the game and/or on the box

3Users scan the code

  • By scanning the code, all information about the game available in one place

4Enjoy all the benefits itemada can offer

  • Communicating and feedback collecting made easy
  • Self-selling products
  • Great extra marketing tool
  • Game rules available in different languages

Request a demo for Itemada SelfService

The demo will be made in Teams. Please propose few time slots that are convenient for you.

Request a demo for Itemada SelfService

The demo will be made in Teams. Please propose few time slots that are convenient for you.