Maintenance Log by itemada

In the era of digitalization, maintenance logs are still on paper

Give upĀ  maintenance log on paper! Simply apply sticker with QR code to your device and use all Itemada digital maintenance log platform advantages. In addition to service log there is self-service platform for creating instructions, manuals etc. Drawings, videos, graphs, text, links, files and other documents that might be necessary could be added.

Maintenance Log main features:

  • Easy access through QR code
  • Paperless log books and reports
  • On site access to all necessary documents plans, manuals, drawings, training videos, graphs, text, links, files etc.
  • Digital signing of reports
  • User, who is logged in can make changes and create new logs.
  • Third party access
  • Digitally signed reports could be sent to e mail or through API

Service Diary


  • Platform for creating instructions for maintenance, repairs or using the device
  • Possibility to read service logs from office
  • Tracking of activities, done by technician
  • APIs to connect platform with ERP or other necessary programs
  • Multi language support
  • Reminder function
  • Report forms for different applications


Itemada service log